Tuesday, December 27, 2016

You Know Who You Are!

I am lucky to have met many people in the field of education who are very smart, very inspirational, and, of course, visionary.  All of these people contribute to who I am because I learn from each and every one of them.  Each book I read and each conference or workshop I attend contributes to my personal and professional growth.  Twitter has opened up a world of learning and friendships that I could never have imagined a few years ago.  Each day, I enjoy reading tweets and blogs from the many great educators who share on social media.  Much of what is written, I steal and share with the staff at my school and my district.

Social media is amazing in that respect. We can learn and converse globally with educators who are inspirational and on the cutting edge of all that is happening in our field.

But this blog is about those people who I've been lucky enough to meet face to face. This blog is about those who inspire me daily. This blog is about the educators that I call my friends. This blog is about those who light up the room the moment they walk in because of their personality and positivity.  You know who you are! 

You're the ones who always have a smile on your face when you greet me and are genuinely happy to see me. You're the ones who seem to be able to dance without any music and sing without being worried about how you sound. You're the ones who say yes when I share an idea or thought and provide inspiration when I need it.  You're the ones that challenge me to be better. You're the ones who always have kids around you in the classroom and adults around you at conferences. You're the ones who bring laughter and joy everywhere you go. You're the ones who I know are in the room, even when I can't see you because there is are positive vibes everywhere. You're the ones that I want to hang around with, hoping some of what you have will rub off on me.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your inspiration and positive approach to life. I know you can't help it, it's just who you are...But for that, I'm grateful. I choose to be around you. I choose to be like you. I choose you! 

Keep doing what you're doing because it's amazing and we all need you.  Thank you!

....And for those of you who I haven't met yet who have this ability, I look forward to meeting you and being like you.  

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