Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Been A While .....but I hosted #SATCHATWC and had a blast!

It's been a while since my last blog post for two reasons: 1. I haven't had any brilliant thoughts that I felt I needed to share with the world (and you won't find any here either) and 2.  Its been crazy busy. I really love blogging but, for me, it's best when an idea overtakes me and I feel I need to get it out.

I had this idea to do a take off on 50 Shades of Grey called 50 Shades of Jay (cute right?).  I figured the title would draw lots of attention and make my blog stand out.  The problem with this idea is that I couldn't come up with 50 anything. I actually started the blog and got two whole sentences. I could barely come up with 3 or 4 shades of light blue. FORGET THIS TOPIC. 

So, what inspired me to write today?
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to moderate #SATCHATWC, which is Saturday morning twitter chat for teachers and administrators on the West Coast. It occurs at 7:30 PST, which is 10:30 EST.  I'm not on the West Coast but I was honored that Shelley Burgess (@burgess_shelley) asked me if I would be interested in  moderating and to come up with a chat topic that might be interesting.  I have moderated other chats before but this is the first time for me with #satchatwc.

My Idea:  I am often inspired by the thoughts and sayings of others. I love to read, listen and share these thoughts that often ring true to me and to many of us in education. About a year and a half ago, I started collecting posters, quotes, and sayings in a folder on the desktop of my computer. I love quotes and graphics because they often help to make a point or inspire me when I need just the right words (because others have said it much better than I probably can).  I have used these quotes to develop videos to inspire my staff  and I continually use them on a board in our staff room and on my office door.

So the idea for the chat was: Spend and hour sharing great quotes and posters with others who may have the same passions.

On Saturday, February 21, we did it. I came up with 7 different areas of inspiration, shared numerous quotes and then just waited to see what would happen. I hoped that people would be inspired by this and share.

What happened was awesome!

People from all over the country and the world shared their favorite quotes/saying/posters. The tweets and posters were coming so fast I couldn't even keep up with them. Almost 1700 tweets were posted during the one hour chat. People, including myself, were favoriting and re-tweeting in order to remember the ones that they liked. These were  quotes that really hit home with them and they wanted to share with others. The hour went so fast that tweet continued for hours afterwards. I am still getting retweets this morning.  I love that people share with each other in this format and the things they share inspire others.

Here is a copy of the storify from the chat: Storify for #SATCHATWC - Feb. 21, 2015
Here is copy of my video that I made as my final tweet for the chat: Inspiring Educational Quotes

Thank you to Shelley Burgess for allowing me to share my passions. She and her husband continue to inspire me. Thank you to #SATCHATWC for  your awesome participation. What a great PLN. Most of all thank you to the best and most inspiring Professional Learning you can have in Twitter.  I can't wait to do it again.

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