Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Didn't Do My Job Today - But It Was Great

I am the lead learner and school principal. It is my job to put on a smile and glow with positive energy. I try to do this daily. Some mornings, when I get the substitute list and find there are no subs, I really struggle with being overwhelmingly positive. Today we had three teachers out, the office secretary out, and the custodian out. We did get a sub for the custodian. Woohoo! Positive! (sarcasm Sheldon)

I started the day by finding period by period coverage for one of our classes. This was based on the goodwill of some teachers who were willing to give up their prep period (for pay). We still had no help for the office or my first grade class. Some supplementary staff gave up some time to help in the office but we still didn't have our normal coverage.  So guess what, I get to teach first grade for the day. Yes! (no sarcasm, I am really happy)  Sorry, have to shut the office down when no one is around.

My day in first grade was great with an awesome group of kids. I would love to say that I was amazing, but I probably wasn't. It was my first time teaching first grade for a whole day (ever). I think it went pretty well. I followed the plans (somewhat) but I hope I added some flair to the class. The read alouds gave me the chance to use some different voices that I had been practicing. The students seemed to enjoy them. The kids were great and the day went quickly. When the students went to lunch, I quickly googled and got my Pinterest on. I set up a scavenger hunt throughout the building to find the Gingerbread Boy. This was a variation to the teacher's original plans, but I needed to entertain myself. The kids had a great time traveling around the building, looking for the Gingerbread Boy. It was an awesome activity. I wish I had more time to plan because my mind races with ideas to improve each thing that I did today.

On my original agenda today (the one that didn't get done) was:
- 2 Teacher Observations
- 3 Walkthrough observations
- 2 Meetings with administration
- Budget corrections or the budget meeting next week
- Teacher of the Year paperwork
- Preparation for my evaluation next week

I didn't do my job today. At least the job that I thought I would be doing and the job that they pay me to do. I probably missed some important information in the meetings and I definitely have my work cut out for me to get caught up.

I did do a job that I love and I had a lot of fun doing it. Getting into the classroom helps remind us how hard it is to be 'on' all day, everyday. I think I'll do more of it. In fact, I am planning on setting up a schedule after the break to plan and teach lessons in every classroom. I don't know if I can get it done, but I hope so. My teachers don't know it yet but I guess if I put it down here, they will know very soon.

Actually, I did do my job today. I took care of kids. I gave them a fun and (hopefully) positive experience. I found a way to make the school run and the students learned. Maybe tomorrow, I'll get to teach third grade (they might get my jokes).

Many thanks to Beth Houf, the lead learner at McIntyre Elementary School in Fulton Missouri for her post The Best Day Ever: Why Every Principal Should Take Time To Substitute in The Classroom 
This post helped me to look at today's opportunity in a positive light and make it a positive experience.