Friday, June 6, 2014

Making a Conscious Effort to Stay Positive

My teachers and students consider me a very positive person.  In fact, when I gave them a form to evaluate me and my performance earlier in the year, more than one teacher commented, "He is way too happy early in the morning."  I truly am a positive person. Each day is a gift and I try to remember that when I wake each morning.

As we get closer to the end of the school year, and the tasks and late nights begin to add up, I find myself not looking forward to the events but looking forward the getting them over with.  Today, I had to remind myself to stop.  We still have two weeks of school left and it is not fair to my students or my staff to come to work with that type of attitude.  I remind myself of all of the amazing things that we have done this year and how we need to make these last two weeks of school memorable for our students.  I need to make each day an experience for our students give them something to think back on with a smile.

Tomorrow, our PTO will be holding a carnival at our school.  It is a huge ordeal that has been months in the planning.  Our students and their families will have a great day with rides, games, food, and fun.  It will be an experience to remember.  It will also be hard work.  I can't wait see the smiles on the faces of our students and their families.  Stay Positive.