Monday, May 5, 2014

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of teacher appreciation week I am re-posting something I wrote before Thanksgiving.

What I am thankful for during Thanksgiving
As Principal of Slackwood Elementary School, I am thankful for:

·         That are as diverse and curious as any in the state.
·         That continue to show their golden hearts to each other on a daily basis. 
·         That have a thirst for learning that is fueled by high expectations from their teachers. 
·         That make me smile and laugh each day. 
·         That I continue to learn things from on a daily basis.

Parents of students:
·         That want the best for their kids. 
·         That come to conferences and want to know about their children and how they can help them at home.  
·         That come to our events and enjoy spending time with our staff and their children.
·         That continue to make Slackwood a better place to be. 
·         That support our amazing PTO and all of the activities that are for our kids.

Staff members at my school:
·         That have high expectations for the students and equally high expectations for themselves. 
·         That don’t dismiss my crazy ideas and actually jump on board to make these things happen.
·         That come up with ideas to make our school better and then make them happen. 
·         That come to work with a positive attitude every day.
·         That continue to remember why we are here and always give something extra. 
·         That take on new initiatives (such as Danielson Evaluation or SGO’s) and despite some reservations, take the rubrics, dissect them and make themselves better teachers. 
·         That quietly give so much to others.

Slackwood Elementary School is such a unique and special place to work and I am thankful every day to be the Principal. 

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