Monday, April 28, 2014

Why We Do Field Trips

Field Trips are one of the things in education that I don’t like a whole lot.  I do not like disruption to my normal schedule and there is usually some type of complication that needs to be dealt with at the last minute.  Having said this… The reasons we have field trips are many and I realize that school is not here to make me feel comfortable and happy.  

Here are a few great reasons for field trips:
·       -  First of all, they are FUN!  Students love to get out of the building and learn and see new things.  Often, they don’t even know they are learning. 
·       -  They give students a chance to connect learning to lessons taught in the classroom with real-life experiences and tangible artifacts.
·        - They give students the chance to see culture, history, and art that they may not see in the classroom.
·         -Teachers get the chance to see their students in different environments and this provides them with information on student understanding and learning.

As departments of education put more emphasis on testing and assessment, things such as field trips are often considered less than necessary.  Exactly the opposite is true.  The more opportunities that students have to learn outside the classroom, the more chance that they will understand the need for the inside the classroom lessons and the world will be more connected to the school. 

One of the biggest gifts a teacher and a school can give to a student is the gift of curiosity.  Seeing something that inspires and even causes more questions increases the chance that learning can be extended and that students will learn on their own. And . . . field trips are FUN!

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  1. Just had a field trip return 15 minutes after dismissal. I had to hold the buses and they were happy. This is one reason why I don't like field trips...but everyone had a good time.